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More About Steve!

Steve is an Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, M.S., CSCS, USAW (Certifications)

His Mission: of introducing Correlate Coffee is to provide coffee lovers and drinkers with a unique cup and experience! With every cup we can provide the customer: Collagen peptides, Fiber, Vitamins such as D3, B12, B5… Potassium and Magnesium (Electrolytes). ACAI, Blueberry, and green tea extracts (free radical fighting antioxidants), caffeine and natural chocolate flavoring…and do not forget smooth coffee!

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He is on his way to promote fitness, strength and conditioning in an on-the-go lifestyle too. And here to share his success, energy, manifestation goals and mindset tips along the way, why he got this thought to produce the Corelatte Coffee! And why is this type of coffee required?

This coffee is required as it allows a coffee lover to add the numerous health boosting ingredients such as Collagen peptides, Fiber and D3 to name a few- a simple, easy to drink coffee with natural chocolate flavoring for an easy meal in a cup or snack on the go.

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He started producing Corelatte 360 over 10 years ago, when he became an Exercise Physiologist and realized the majority of people love coffee, love chocolate, and are constantly seeking easy ways to add Collagen protein, Fiber, Vitamins, Antioxidants such as green tea to their diet for better peace of mind and energy levels! These benefits also directly aid in fat loss for all age groups as well. 

Why should they choose “Corelatte” for intermittent fasting?

Corelatte is the most universal, well rounded fasting coffee on the market. Enriched with Protein, Fiber and Vitamin/Energy boosting with B complex caffeine and Electrolytes, which are vital for fasting and losing body fat! It allows the user to gain all the nutritional boosting that aids and allows for successful intermittent fasting, all while giving the customer an easy to drink cup of coffee with a unique chocolate finish, tasting great black or with your favorite cream or low calorie sweetener!

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